Friday, June 20, 2014

A FactsWise Friendly Online Multiplication Game

I haven't found many online games that align well with the principles we talk about in FactsWise.  Here's one game, though, that might prove helpful when students are ready for abstract work on a particular goal:  Quick Flash II.

Even though this game starts out with little graphic interest, students get to earn their way to more interesting backgrounds.

Some of the features of this game that make it a good learning experience (in contrast to a good review experience), are:

1) Students can concentrate on the facts from one goal;

2) Students get immediate feedback;

3) Students get multiple opportunities to rehearse the same facts;

4) Students, teachers, and parents can see which facts are less fluent.  Although there isn't a built-in feature for this, if you have your student press the "print screen" key on their computer as they finish the last problem on the third round, the game will pause (at least on my computer) and you can record the problems that aren't all green, or take a screen shot and then paste it into a word document.  

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