Thursday, March 13, 2014

Hands Cards for Games Focusing on 5s and 10s

I enjoyed visiting with a group of teachers this afternoon, where I shared a set of hand cards that can be used to play Addition War with any of the numbers facing up as the addend.  For instance:

                                                  Sample Goal 5 Game Set-Up
Face-Up Card

                           Val's Card                                                         Calvyn's Card

In this round, Val turns up the top card of her stack and says "5 + 6 makes 11".  Then Calvyn turns up his top card and says "5 + 8 makes 13".  Since Calvyn has the larger sum, he gets both the 6 and 8 cards and puts them at the bottom of his stack.  The 5 stays face up, so that every time they take turns they are practicing adding 5 to another addend.

You can download the Hand Game Cards here.  If you think you'll have more than two students playing together, you may want to print and cut out more than one set of the cards for each deck.

As always, I encourage you to have students share, in writing or through a whole-class discussion, strategies they found helpful and facts they were learning as a result of playing the game.

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