Wednesday, August 17, 2016

At your request ... Daily Activity Progressions

Many teachers have told me that they really want to focus on basic facts fluency for 5 to 10 minutes each day, but they have difficulty finding the time to plan those activities. So I've put together a set of sample  activities for each of the goals for addition/subtraction and also for multiplication/division. 

The activities for each goal are numbered sequentially, working first on concept building with mostly concrete activities, then shifting to strategies and patterns using visual representations, and finally moving in the third column to abstract practice. You'll find the blackline masters referenced in the activities following each progression. 



I hope you find these resources helpful ... and please post here to share what you learn as you try them out with students! 

Note: If you have attended a workshop in the past year, you probably recorded the password for the online FactsWise resources in your notebook. If you attended an earlier workshop, feel free to contact me at to get the password. If you've not been able to attend a FactsWise workshop, you can purchase the activity progressions at Teachers Pay Teachers: Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication/Division

Also, if you'd like more more information about the entire FactsWise program, you can find the 2016 FactsWise Resource Books at Teachers Pay Teachers: Addition/Subtraction and Multiplication/Division.

Timed Tests -- NOT the Way to Build Facts Fluency and NOT the Way to Assess Facts Fluency

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