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Information about playing cards, abacuses and manipulatives that may help you find what you're looking for:

As requested, I've posted the sources for some of the materials used during FactsWise inservices with the best prices I know of. If you have find better pricing, feel free to add it to the Comments on this page.

Zero through Ten game cards to play Go to the Dump, Addition War, and Addition Race to 100

Rekenreks (Slavonic Abacuses) hand-made by Black Dragon Works at eric.elliott09@gmail.com:
  • Student 2-row, 3-row, and 10-row ranging from $2.25 to $9.00 
  • Large (48" tall x 30" wide x 2" deep) 10-row from $85 to $95. The feet are removable and can be stored on the rekenrek.
Rekenreks (Slavonic Abacuses) from Rainbow Resource Center:

Digital Slavonic Abacuses / Rekenreks -- free:
Linking Centimeter Cubes from Didax:

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